Real Food

Healthy Summer Treats

All last week I had been brainstorming sweet treat and satisfying dessert ideas. Even though the Summer season just got started, I am on a quest to cool off from the intensely hot and humid days. I was on the hunt for recipes that wouldn't undo all the healthful habits that my family incorporates daily. Now, let… Continue reading Healthy Summer Treats

At Home

Holistic Family Healing . At Home with Dr. Kat

My patients frequently ask how I as a chiro mama deal with sickness or illness in our family… Let me preface this by saying that it is a rare event. I credit the rarity to our holistic lifestyle which includes regular chiropractic care to boost our immune system (see this post). But, even with the… Continue reading Holistic Family Healing . At Home with Dr. Kat


The Immune System and Chiropractic

When we think about boosting the immune system, we've all heard about reducing sugar, eating right, increasing vitamin D, adding probiotics, resting/meditation, exercise, and taking herbal remedies, but something that is important and often overlooked is taking care of and maintaining a properly functioning nervous system. Many people ask me how my family and I stay… Continue reading The Immune System and Chiropractic