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Stress – Free Travel Guide: Tips for Food sensitivities! Part 1

“Even if the initial effects weren’t visible, the long-term or cumulative effects aren’t worth it.”

I frequently get asked how I manage vacations, trips, and social events with my family and our food sensitivities and dietary restrictions. How do we avoid cheating or an accidental exposure? Naturally, there is curiosity about whether or not  we “cheat” and justify it as OK or “just this once”. The answer for me is 99.9% no. It’s not worth it for my long term health or psyche to continually yo-yo for the short term perceived gain. For me and my family, we avoid certain foods because we see them as toxic. Would any of you knowingly chug antifreeze or Drano? Even if the initial effects weren’t visible, the long-term or cumulative effects aren’t worth it.

In fact, I tend to reign things in more when I travel because I know my body is under more exposures to toxins, free radicals, and oxidative stress. I don’t need anything to additionally tip the scales. It doesn’t matter where you go as there are many options nationally and internationally now for everyone. I’ve survived in Ocean City, England, Ireland, France, Saint Lucia, multiple cities in this country since my diagnosis over 5 years ago.

With that said,  my pre-game does require some commitment, planning, and willingness but it is completely doable. Continue reading to see how we prep before a flight.

My food restrictions are as follows: Gluten free (mostly all grains are out / paleo), dairy free, egg free, soy free and corn free. I avoid legumes too. Breakfast is an interesting challenge for sure. My husband and children are GF and DF and stay that way when we travel though if there’s a contamination for my husband, it’s not as significant.

My Dr. Kat Hacks:

1. Find snacks before you go that are mostly non-perishable. These are essentially upgraded processed foods. Not what I would chose on an average day but this is what needs to be done to keep us on the right track.

Breakfast the day before the trip because running the vita mix at six in the morning when your children are sleeping and you are sneaking out the door to get to the airport would just be cruel.

2. If concerned, call the destination and ask questions. (this doesn’t always work out in your favor especially when there is a language barrier…)

3. Pass on sugary treats even if diet compliant and get rest to optimize your body’s recuperative powers and maintain your immunity.

4. Bring your supplements and tools to support you in case of a cross contamination- obviously, you’re not bringing bone broth on the flight with you, but maybe pack some gelatin powder. Bring your digestive enzymes and activated charcoal. Don’t forget your probiotics (I like this one and this one for travel). And support your bodies amazing ability to make its own antioxidants with NRF2 activator.

5. Keep with or increase your self-care prior to departure with chiropractic, massage acupuncture, exercise and sleep.

This one is where I struggle the night before departure as I’m up late packing the above goodness 🙂

Two part breakfast in the BWI airport to sustain us on board; we bought extra bacon which tied us over …

Moral is: you can do this. Just sayin’

Stay tuned for part two as I continue sharing  once we have reached our destination.

Do you have any stay healthy tips while traveling? How do you avoid exposure to foods that you have cut out of your diet? Leave a comment below and share with our holistic community.

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