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Healthy Summer Treats

All last week I had been brainstorming sweet treat and satisfying dessert ideas.

Even though the Summer season just got started, I am on a quest to cool off from the intensely hot and humid days. I was on the hunt for recipes that wouldn’t undo all the healthful habits that my family incorporates daily. Now, let me preface this by saying that these recipes are treats. I try to be mindful of the overall intake of sugar for my boys, and myself. But, life is too short…

Let them eat cake.

As long as it is dairy-free and gluten-free.


Here are the top 5 Summer Sweet Treats that my family will be enjoying this Summer. Let me know in the comments what treats you enjoy to beat the heat.

1. Strawberry Nice Cream

Dairy-free and gluten-free perfection. Well, maybe not perfect but a nice treat nonetheless.


1 c. coconut yogurt

1 1/2 c. frozen strawberries

1-2 frozen bananas

Blend until well incorporated, but not too long or it will warm the ingredients.

Serve in a bowl or with gluten-free ice cream cone.

2. Axio Jell-O

Axio Jell-o

You may have recently seen this recipe as a guest post from one of our creative contributors, Jennifer. I absolutely had to include it on the list. It is so simple and easy to make, not to mention packed with nutrition compared to most desserts. Read the recipe here.

3. Amazing Green Popsicles

Watermark image.png

Original recipe by Naturally Modern Life.

It is so easy to whip up a smoothie, and even easier to freeze into popsicles. This recipe takes it a step further by suggesting some great ingredients that add a boost of nutrition. I wanted to be sure that these pops had fiber, good fat, and protein to balance the sugar from the fruit. This helps to avoid the dreaded high and crash later because the good fat slows down the absorption of sugar.

My recipe:

1/4 c. coconut milk (Dr. Kat approved brand here)

1 Avocado in place of banana – Avocado is a great source of healthy fats and fiber.

Strawberries – Lower in sugar than other fruits.

Spinach – Again, more fiber and some extra daily greens.

1 T. collagen (here) – Fish based gelatin would work too.

Sometimes I like to add a few chocolate chips (my favorite brand here.) or some vanilla protein powder.

4. Breakfast Bars

Original recipe by Elana’s Pantry

This easy recipe makes a great grab and go snack. I know the Summer months can get pretty hectic, so having a simple snack that is easy to take to the park or T-ball practice is a must. I swapped out the almond flour for sunflower seed flour since I have an almond sensitivity. I wanted to reduce the amount of sugar but read in the comments of the original recipe that the bars may crumble if I did not follow the recipe exactly. My solution was to store the bars in the freezer. This makes them a bit more solid and a little frosty for the Summer. Keep in mind, that they will not stay frozen too long. So, eat them quickly if you choose this option.


5. Creamy Paleo Lemon Squares

Original recipe by Beyond the Bite 4 Life

Since it followed the Autoimmune Protocol Diet (see my post on this here) I really did not need to make too many adjustments to this recipe. I did, however, use arrowroot in place of chestnut flour. Since I like to be mindful of portion control, so I decided to make these into bites by using a silicone muffin mold and I reduced the cooking time by 15 minutes.


1 thought on “Healthy Summer Treats”

  1. We love smoothie popsicles! I think the best summer treats are fresh berries and fruits. This week we picked strawberries and cherries. Yummy!


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