About Dr. Kat

Hi! I’m Mostly Holistic Mama…


Well, in real life, I’m Dr. Kat.

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I’m a crunchy, catholic, chiro mama with a love for living the holistic life. I am no stranger to an uphill battle; while struggling with infertility for four years, I was hit with a life changing blow: The diagnosis of auto-immune Graves and auto-immune diabetes. I slowly began to recover my health through nutrition, exercise, and a chiropractic lifestyle. I have a close relationship with God and I’ve learned the power of faith that lies in a personal relationship with Him.

Boy monstersI was able to overcome infertility and I am now the proud mama of two boys, Xavier and Julian (right) is my V-BAC baby. These precious little ones are the reason for everything that I do. Because I’m passionate about health and well-being for all families, I opened my chiropractic practice and wellness center. I believe that through proper nutrition and natural living, it is possible to fix the next generation before they are conceived.


KissMy husband Thad and I try our best to maintain a gluten-free and dairy-free, whole food and mostly unprocessed diet. But in reality it’s not about doing everything perfectly. Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? Eating healthfully 80% of the time gives us room to enjoy life a little without over indulging. We really strive for a 90/10 rule, but that is where the Mostly Holistic Mama comes in; because we do live in the real world.

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