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Easy Gluten-free and Dairy-free Thanksgiving Recipes

In preparation for Thanksgiving, I put together some gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free dishes that we enjoy around our table at my house. I did a Facebook Live earlier this week where I mentioned these dishes and my favorite gluten-free and dairy-free brands: Gluten-Free Crackers Simple Mills Mary’s Gone Crackers Van's Dairy-free Cheese Kite Hill Miyokos… Continue reading Easy Gluten-free and Dairy-free Thanksgiving Recipes

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VBAC Birth Story – Julian

As I sit here over 6 years after my c-section, I now realize that it has taken me this long to put my journey into words. Being strapped to the operating table as my first baby was removed from my body felt gruesome and unnatural. My dreams of a home-birth were crushed because of my… Continue reading VBAC Birth Story – Julian

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Holistic Family Healing . At Home with Dr. Kat

My patients frequently ask how I as a chiro mama deal with sickness or illness in our family… Let me preface this by saying that it is a rare event. I credit the rarity to our holistic lifestyle which includes regular chiropractic care to boost our immune system (see this post). But, even with the… Continue reading Holistic Family Healing . At Home with Dr. Kat

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Birth Story – Xavier

"The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry" - Robert Burns The initial attempts at planning, especially for new parenthood, are often when a woman finds out that she is pregnant for the first time. So many thoughts will go through her mind stemming from her new found curiosities, anxieties, and experiences; it… Continue reading Birth Story – Xavier

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Stress-Free Travel Guide: Tips for Food Sensitivities! Part 2

First off, if you haven't read Part 1, go ahead and do that. It will explain how my family prepares for travel. So here's what really happened while I was in Cancun... When we landed I was a little discombobulated. I had thought that my email and phone call prior to coming down would have covered… Continue reading Stress-Free Travel Guide: Tips for Food Sensitivities! Part 2

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Adventures in breastfeeding 

As it is Worldwide Breastfeeding week and August is National Breastfeeding month, I thought it appropriate to reflect upon my journey with breastfeeding… I had always thought had a healthy diet, took the right supplements and I had a natural as possible birth. I thought that I would have had an easy time with breastfeeding.… Continue reading Adventures in breastfeeding