Kitchen Sink Paleo Pasta Dish

Around this time of year, when we are headed back to school and the air starts to turn a little bit crisp, I start thinking about heartier food for my family and for myself… When I was a lot younger (elementary school) I lived in Greenwich, Connecticut where there was a very distinct change of… Continue reading Kitchen Sink Paleo Pasta Dish


Toungue Tie, Breastfeeding, and Latch

Guest post by Sarah Early As an RN and IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and founder of Lactation Room, I have helped thousands of families over the years with breastfeeding. Many people have told me that they feel tongue-tie diagnoses’ are a “fad” now and too many babies are being identified as having oral… Continue reading Toungue Tie, Breastfeeding, and Latch


Push to Support the Placenta: 9 Reasons Why You Should Encapsulate

At many Medical Centers across the U.S., shortly after the average baby is born he or she will be cleaned, swaddle, snuggled into a hat, and lovingly placed into mama’s arms. All while the evidence of labor and delivery; literal blood, sweat, and tears is disposed of. That is until a recent (old) trend has… Continue reading Push to Support the Placenta: 9 Reasons Why You Should Encapsulate


The Secret Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

Natural deodorants have come a long way since the first few crystals that promised to kill odor, but left much to be desired. If you prefer to keep your personal care toxic-free and don’t want to smell like you frequent a sweat lodge, then you may want to read on. The best natural deodorant is… Continue reading The Secret Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

Real Food

Easy Axio Jell-O

Since this week has been in the 90's, I've been trying to brainstorm refreshing, sweet, and healthy treats to feed my family. What's better than a sugar-free (stevia) Jell-O alternative that feeds our brains and also helps us to focus?! Well, that's pretty hard to beat. What you need: 2 cups water, just off the boil. 5-6… Continue reading Easy Axio Jell-O


Stress and Your Unborn Child: Lessons from the Womb

Expectant mothers know that their future will include many lessons. Sometimes they will take on the role of student, but mostly, they will be the one who teaches their child valuable survival lessons. Many parents don’t realize the important lessons that their baby is learning early on from the mother’s environment. Every pregnancy should be… Continue reading Stress and Your Unborn Child: Lessons from the Womb

At Home

VBAC Birth Story – Julian

As I sit here over 6 years after my c-section, I now realize that it has taken me this long to put my journey into words. Being strapped to the operating table as my first baby was removed from my body felt gruesome and unnatural. My dreams of a home-birth were crushed because of my… Continue reading VBAC Birth Story – Julian

At Home

Holistic Family Healing . At Home with Dr. Kat

My patients frequently ask how I as a chiro mama deal with sickness or illness in our family… Let me preface this by saying that it is a rare event. I credit the rarity to our holistic lifestyle which includes regular chiropractic care to boost our immune system (see this post). But, even with the… Continue reading Holistic Family Healing . At Home with Dr. Kat


The Immune System and Chiropractic

When we think about boosting the immune system, we've all heard about reducing sugar, eating right, increasing vitamin D, adding probiotics, resting/meditation, exercise, and taking herbal remedies, but something that is important and often overlooked is taking care of and maintaining a properly functioning nervous system. Many people ask me how my family and I stay… Continue reading The Immune System and Chiropractic