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Hi, I’m Dr. Kat. I’m passionate about empowering families to find health and well-being. Through preconception, birth, childhood and anything else life brings, we can work together to ensure a healthier future for our children. Stay tuned to see my life as a mom, a chiropractor, and a real food junkie. Here you will find, healing recipes, wellness tips, remedies, and real life stories on how I keep my family naturally healthy.

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What set me on a course for change?

We all have moments that are course altering. One of my greatest life-changing moments came after graduating chiropractic school. I was excited to embark on my new life of healing others, when my sister said to me, “I would never see a doctor that didn’t practice what they preached.” That’s when I realized that if I wanted to empower my patients to take an active role in improving their health and well-being, then I needed to take an active role in my own.

As far back as I can remember, I had struggled with weight and energy, erratic periods, and sinus problems. I suffered from migraines, infertility, and anxiety. Name any symptom, and I probably had it.  Little did I know that I was in for a long, hard battle before I would begin to feel good in my own skin. After a series of tests that left me with no diagnoses, my symptoms were treated with little success. All of the conventional treatments didn’t work or lasted only a few days before my symptoms would return. I set out to find the truth as to why I felt any symptoms at all.

While in chiropractic school I began to think of the story of conjoined twins Masha and Dasha. Two sisters who shared the same blood supply and some of their organs. While they shared the same body, they had separate nervous systems. Their remarkable story provided a unique opportunity to better understand how two people could live similar lives but not catch the same diseases. This lead researchers to believe that stress may have weakened the immune system of one twin, but did not affect the other.

It was time for me to understand and remove the stress from my body and mind. If my nervous system was under stress, then my immunity was weakened, providing an environment for diseases to thrive. I learned that a healthy gut played a big role in my health and its relationship to my brain and immune function.

I took a good look at my diet to determine what foods caused inflammation. By cutting out things like gluten and dairy, I started to see a huge improvement in my symptoms. I continued working on healing myself naturally by finding the best sources for nourishment.

While struggling for four years with infertility, I was hit with a life changing blow: The diagnosis of auto-immune Graves and auto-immune diabetes. After the initial crisis, I slowly began to recover my health through nutrition, exercise, and chiropractic lifestyle. I went on to opened my private chiropractic practice and wellness center. Of course, I am still on this ever-evolving journey but the best part is sharing my passion for empowering families to naturally heal, and to create a healthier future for the next generation.  I believe that through proper nutrition and natural living, it is possible to fix a life before conception.

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