Poop: Biohacking My Way To Better Health

This has to be my favorite topic!! It's funny to me how taboo it is for people unless they're talking about babies... or hanging out in a retirement community. But.... Let’s continue our journey into the Foundation of Wellness by talking about the next room on the ground floor, poop. Sure, it’s not dinner party… Continue reading Poop: Biohacking My Way To Better Health


Kitchen Sink Paleo Pasta Dish

Around this time of year, when we are headed back to school and the air starts to turn a little bit crisp, I start thinking about heartier food for my family and for myself… When I was a lot younger (elementary school) I lived in Greenwich, Connecticut where there was a very distinct change of… Continue reading Kitchen Sink Paleo Pasta Dish


Toungue Tie, Breastfeeding, and Latch

Guest post by Sarah Early As an RN and IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and founder of Lactation Room, I have helped thousands of families over the years with breastfeeding. Many people have told me that they feel tongue-tie diagnoses’ are a “fad” now and too many babies are being identified as having oral… Continue reading Toungue Tie, Breastfeeding, and Latch