Blood Sugar: Biohacking My Way To Better Health

Before healing myself

When we hear the words “blood sugar,” we are often reminded of the candy bar commercial that said, “Hungry? Why wait? Grab a Snickers”. Being too busy to grab nutritious food has been engrained in our culture of people living “on the go”. But, maintaining proper blood sugar is a key piece of our bodies’ health.

Chronic disorders have spread through the country at alarming rates in recent years. Over 40% of Americans are now affected by chronic illness, and many of us are living with multiple conditions.

I often find that chronic health issues can be traced back to blood sugar. This is one of the topics discussed in my eBook, The Foundation of Wellness.

In 2009, I found myself struggling to conceive. Though I was at a “normal” weight, I had no energy and was making poor food choices.

After being in a car accident and my health had declined; I later learned it was probably one of the stressors that brought on the perfect storm for my autoimmune diseases to start gaining traction in my body.

Immediately after a Graves Disease diagnosis, on August 20 I found myself back in the doctor’s office hearing the words, “You have Type 1.5 Diabetes.” Those words shook my world.  As I thought about my health and my want for a family, I sought out on a path of information and health.

After learning that my blood sugars were nearly 600 and that I was lucky to be alive, I started learning all I could about diabetes. I attended classes, started reading books, and I began eating what is believed by most to be the perfect carb ratio to regulate my blood sugar.


I was finally able to get pregnant with our first son, but I was unable to lose the baby weight no matter what I did. I tried Weight Watchers, counted carbs, low-fat diets, and everything else under the sun that was out there for diabetics. I ended up going back to my endocrinologist praying that my thyroid had gone hypo to give validation of my weight gain. She ended up telling me I needed to eat less, even though I was already eating less than 1200 calories a day.

Then, I came across the book “Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms, When My Lab Tests Are Normal?” As I began to read, things began to click. I took gluten out of my diet, as the book suggested, and I started losing a ton of weight. The only problem was that my blood sugar was completely jacked up because I was using so many gluten-free replacement items (all of which are full of simple sugars like corn, rice, and potato).

I also read ‘The Blood Sugar Solution”, I started seeing a functional nutritionist and simultaneously eliminated other things from my diet such as dairy and eggs. I had huge improvements implementing the book’s diet.

As I began to biohack my blood sugar, all kinds of things fell into place:

  • I began to see changes in my energy, weight, and blood sugar levels. After doing a few rounds of The Blood Sugar Solution, I decided to stick to a paleo diet and have now been mostly “paleo” for 7 years. I modified my diet even further recently by eliminating five more foods based on a blood food allergy test by KBMO Diagnostics.
  • I got pregnant with my second son in 2012 and I was able to fulfill my dream of having a V-BAC.
  • I have been off insulin for four years and have great A1C numbers now.
  • I healed my leaky gut by using things like digestive enzymes, probiotics, and by avoiding inflammatory foods.
  • I continued exercising and began healing my gene expression through Nrf2 activation and optimizing my mitochondrial function with other activators.
  • I made sure that I was getting sleep and reducing my exposure to toxins and triggers.

It has been a journey but I can tell you from personal experience if you stick to your “guts” and keep choosing your health over other things, you can achieve health freedom. While it took time and research to overhaul my lifestyle, with nourishing food and a little knowledge, anyone can biohack their way to better sustaining blood sugar.

Want to learn why sustaining blood sugar is so important to your health? Grab my free eBook here.

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