Kitchen Sink Paleo Pasta Dish


Around this time of year, when we are headed back to school and the air starts to turn a little bit crisp, I start thinking about heartier food for my family and for myself…

When I was a lot younger (elementary school) I lived in Greenwich, Connecticut where there was a very distinct change of seasons; especially when we went back to school.

This past weekend I went to the Natural Products Expo and I was delighted to have my attention drawn to different products that I may not normally try.

So, the following is a combination of the things in my fridge and some of the things that I got at the expo… So I’m going to call this a kitchen sink dish 🙂

I had some leftover turkey burgers that I had made with pine nuts, basil, and olive oil in the blender/food processor. I had previously cooked them so I kept them to be added to the end and I wanted something different than another burger patty on top of lettuce greens or next to vegetables.

The things I got at the natural products Expo were:

  • 3-pound bag of spiralized butternut squash
  • pure coconut milk yogurt from Anita’s

I knew I had some broccoli that was getting towards the older side… And I knew that I wanted a dish that was Paleo/grain free as well as nutritious with vegetables and protein.

  • So, I cut up about 10 to 15 broccoli florets.
  • Added about a pound of the butternut squash.
  • Broke the burger into little pieces and I used a tablespoon or three of olive oil and about 3 tablespoons of coconut yogurt.

Firstly, I sautéed the butternut squash noodles till they were medium soft about 5minutes max. Until they start to fall apart. I threw the broccoli in next so that it would be blanched and start to cook. Then I put the burger in last with extra olive oil and as a finishing touch, I added the coconut milk yogurt and a dash or two of Himalayan!


And voila!


Yummy dish that even my four-year-old and six-year-old enjoyed tasting! We made it primarily for us as they had already had dinner and they wanted to steal our dinner!


Comment Below with your kitchen sink recipe ideas! I would love to hear them.

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