Toungue Tie, Breastfeeding, and Latch


Guest post by Sarah Early

As an RN and IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation
Consultant) and founder of Lactation Room, I have helped
thousands of families over the years with breastfeeding.

Many people have told me that they feel tongue-tie diagnoses’ are a
“fad” now and too many babies are being identified as having
oral function issues when there’s actually “nothing wrong.”
While there has been an increase in diagnosis and treatment of
tethered oral tissues (TOTS), it is certainly not because it’s a

There has been a concerted focus on the impact of oral
function on the breastfeeding dyad (mom / baby). This
increased focus has come in the form of university studies,
private studies, and increased education on the part of oral
surgeons, ENT’s, pediatricians, chiropractors and IBCLC’s. By
building a team with a holistic approach to breastfeeding, we
are able to diagnose, treat and teach from many
different angles.

This not only builds more successful oral
function, but it solidifies the family’s confidence in the
diagnosis and treatment of TOTS.
It takes a village to help a mom and her baby when difficulties
arise and the key to success is a collaborative approach to
treatment and early intervention. The symptoms of TOTS
change and evolve as the child grows but the tethering itself
does not go away. At Lactation Room, we have made it a point
to establish relationship with local care providers, like Dr. Kat,
as well as educating our colleagues and sharing best practices
whenever possible. This leads to better latch, consistent
growth, and an overall sense of success.
For answers to questions about TOTS and breastfeeding please
watch the video to see Dr. Kat and I discuss all things


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