The Secret Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

3199Natural deodorants have come a long way since the first few crystals that promised to kill odor, but left much to be desired. If you prefer to keep your personal care toxic-free and don’t want to smell like you frequent a sweat lodge, then you may want to read on.

The best natural deodorant is gentle and fends off odor without using toxic ingredients.

As far as deodorants go, the word “natural” often just means aluminum-free. But last year I found myself looking for something more than just the basic “natural” deodorant. I was on the hunt for a product that was also effective at stopping odor in its tracks.


You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

Many natural deodorant brands were specifically developed because of higher consumer concerns about aluminum exposure, and with good reason. Aluminum is a known endocrine disruptor; that’s some yucky stuff! Some studies were done as far back as 1967 suggesting that aluminum exposure might increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. And, a separate study linked aluminum exposure to higher breast cancer rates. Who knew that toxic chemicals could be lurking in your deodorant?

So, after much detoxing as part of an ongoing effort to improve my health (and a crazy underarm rash), I decided to ditch my toxic deodorant. It was the next logical step in a series of lifestyle changes after dealing with all sorts of hormonal issues and other health-related crises.

As a doctor of chiropractic and a busy mom of young children, I honestly just didn’t want to smell bad. I didn’t want my patients to complain, I didn’t want to be embarrassed to hug a friend, and I didn’t want to keep running to the bathroom to check my pits. I have other things to tend to.


After a friend discovered a natural brand of deodorant, she suggested that I give it a try. Ok, what did I have to lose?

The Secret Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

 Piper Wai


  • Gentle on sensitive skin

Packed with ingredients like organic coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and pure vitamin E oil, this is great for sensitive skin. Unlike other baking soda-heavy formulas, it won’t cause irritation. It can be applied immediately after shaving and is even gentle on skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema. A blend of soothing essential oils gives PiperWai its signature scent. No more smelling like baby powder or synthetic fragrances causing irritation.

  • Neutralizes odor naturally

Sweat secreted from your underarms glands is odorless, but starts to smell when exposed to bacteria. The natural ingredients create a pH-balanced environment where bacteria can’t thrive, leaving you and your clothes smelling fresh with a single application -even after workouts! The main ingredient, activated charcoal is known as a toxin binder. It uses the process of adsorption (a chemical reaction where elements bind to a surface) to trap toxins and chemicals in millions of tiny pores. Many cultures for centuries have used charcoal for its detoxifying and deodorizing properties.

The only negative is that I haven’t found a travel size yet. So, I need to put aside a small amount to be able to take with me when I travel.

Oh, and it does test my patience using my fingers to apply it since it is packaged in a jar. I believe though that is a small price to pay. All though, they finally came out with stick applicator version.

I’m happy to report that a year later I am still rocking my Piper Wai natural deodorant and my pits are toxin free. And, while I found out later that the rash under my armpits had nothing to do with my deodorant (It had to do with the mold that we just discovered… Ugh, more on that later.) I now feel confident that I’m not a smelly crunchy mama.

Thanks, Piper Wei!



Order link: http://piperwai.refr.cc/katherinekadin

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